Welcome to Fezziwig's!

This website is the online version of our handbook. It gives a basic overview of who we are and what we do.

You could be here because you have shown interest in joining our troupe, or maybe you're looking for the words of a Christmas carol, or maybe even the pattern for "Flowers of Fezziwigs". What ever it is please feel free to browse around. If you are interested in being a Fezziwigger these pages should serve to answer some of the most common questions we hear about Fezziwig's and assist you in the beginning steps of becoming a Fezziwigger.

Fezziwiggers (which is what we call the members of the Fezziwig's Warehouse cast) perform as part of the "The Great Dickens Christmas Fair". This has been an annual Christmas event in the San Francisco area since 1971. Full event information for those interested in buying tickets or participating as an entertainer or vendor, can be found at www.dickensfair.com.

Fezziwig's is a family that prides itself on hard work, longevity, and community. We proudly say, "Once a Fezziwigger, always a Fezziwigger."

While we hope that this site will help you decide to join our family, it does not replace the information you would receive in rehearsals, workshops, and collaborating with the cast. The more time the cast spends working together, the better the production is.

If at any time you have a question about us, please feel free to ask anyone on the management team, or even in the cast. We are here to help you.