We like to think of Fezziwig’s as the happiest place on earth, or at least Dickens Fair. Our moment in the Christmas Carol story is one of Scrooge’s happiest memories, a company party hosted by a benevolent boss and peopled by employees and working class neighbors. Scrooge fondly remembers the party and the time he spent as an apprentice to Mr. Fezziwig.

As this is a company party, it is peopled with characters of the working class. Fezziwig’s is not the place for ball gowns and the gentry. It is a friendly get together with the baker, the maid from next door but one, packers and sorters, and the clerks of the company.

It is our goal to create the same magic that Scrooge remembers in our area. All our characters are at their best, enjoying each other’s company and drinking in the charm of the season. Everyone is invited and welcomed into Fezziwig’s, no matter their social standing or life outside of the warehouse. We focus on the positive and do our best to spread Christmas cheer to our patrons. We want to share this joy of the season and to help everyone recall happy Christmas memories and make new ones.